Fr, 20.10.06; 21:00: Kulturhaus Peter Edel/Berlin (Berliner Allee 125)
Sa, 4.11.06; 21:00: Zielona Góra/Berlin (Grünbergerstr. 73,
Fr, 1.12.06; 21:00: Aufsturz/Berlin (Oranienburgerstr. 67,
Mo, 14.1.08; 21:00: B-flat/Berlin (Rosenthaler Str. 13,
Fr/Sa, 18./19.1.08; 20:00: Coproduction with Jennifer Bopp (contemporary dance) at Ballhaus Naunynstraße/Berlin (Naunynstr. 27,
Fr, 7.3.08; 21:00: Aufsturz/Berlin. Double concert with PINX. (Oranienburgerstr. 67,

Fr, 22.2.2013; 19:30: Radialsystem/Berlin (Holzmarktstr. 33)
Premiere "Magnificat" (For mixed choir, 4 electic guitars, bass and drums) by C. Paczkowski at the vocal-festival Chor@Berlin 2013


Our first CD has been released. Under cd/mp3s/images you can listen to some mp3s and order it.

The photographer Markus Kränzle has made some pictures of the "Valley Below"- shows (choreography: Jennifer Bopp) at Ballhaus Naunynstaße. If you want to have a look: